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The thermowelt.com Thermo Box Containers

Thermowelt.com food transport boxes are made of Expanded PolyPropylene
(= EPP, no styrofoam). They are very durable and extremely lightweight, hygienic, dishwasher-save and have an excellent insulation performance from -40 up to at 
+120 °C.

Our transportation and insulation boxes are especially made for a longer transport
of hot, cold and fresh food to keep products hot or cold.

Thermowelt.com insulated food transport boxes are very cost-effective with a long lifespan - in daily use they typically last over 5 years.

Thermobox Frontloader

1/1GN 93 L

for GN Containers
Thermobox heating system 1/1 GN, Carbonheater 12V

Thermo box Carry 1/2 GN

for 1/2 GN containers
Thermobox Frontloader 93 litresThermobox-Heizung Carbon-heater 1-1 GN 12VDinnerbox +2 HOT

Thermobox Frontloader

1/1GN PP

for GN Containers

Thermobox Allround

60 x 40 cm, 300mm

for baking tins or trays
and stacking containers

Thermobox Frontloader

1/1GN 77 L

for GN Containers
Thermobox Frontlader PPAllround 60 x 40 300mmThermobox Frontlader 77 Liter


Thermobox 1/1 GN  for heavy loads

230 mm inside height

Thermobox Pizza

black, 330 mm inside height

Thermobox Platter Box

für round menu plates 
Thermobox Gastronorm 1/1 217mm blau-grauThermobox Pizza 330mmThermobox Tellerbox

Thermobox Dinnerbox

for menu dishes and  - plates

Menu Dish rectangular,


made of hotel-porcelain

Thermobox 1/1 GN Gastronorm Deluxe

215 mm inside height
Thermobox DinnerboxMenuteller rechteckig 3-geteiltThermobox Gastronorm Deluxe 215mm


Thermoboxes Frontloader GastronormThermoboxes GastronormThermoboxes GN Value PacksThermoboxes PizzaThermoboxes Pizza Value PacksThermoboxes CateringThermoboxes Catering SetsThermoboxes severalCool PacksCooling TopsHotplatesAccessoriesMenu Dishesp porcelainRound Bowls porcelainLilicone LidsGN ContainerGN LidsGN Lids with silicone seal