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Thermobox heating system 1/1 GN, Carbonheater 230V

The “Carbon Heater” thermobox heating system is the perfect partner for you when it comes to keeping food warm.

Ease of handling, optimum value for money and “made in Germany” quality are the key features that best describe the “Carbon Heater” heating system.

Handling could not be more convenient, as the heating system can simply be placed in nearly all insulated meal transport boxes, with the temperature automatically controlled in accordance with HACCP and no preheating necessary.

What makes this heating system so special is that it takes up only a few millimetres of height, is super-light in weight, and is unbreakable, flexible, splash water tight and easy to clean.

The quality of the heating system combines know-how and experience, safety and “made in Germany” production with fully recyclable materials.

Handling is simple:

- Without preheating, fit the sheet heater into your Thermobox or between the GNs or meal trays.
- Extend the power cable out of the box.
- Plug into the power supply and it’s ready.

The sheet heating unit only needs a few minutes to reach
the required temperature and adjusts it automatically according

Your Benefits:
· extremely flat, lightweight and robust (10mm thick & 700g in weight).
· flexible and non-breakable
· automatic regulation of food temperature to 70°C in accordance with   DIN 60335-2-49.

outside dimensions: 480mm x 280mm x 10mm
230V / 100W

The “Carbon Heater®” Thermobox unit with a 230-volt mains connection is excellent for daily use in non-mobile applications on site, for example, for serving meals in schools and workplaces.

availability: can be delivered immediately


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