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The thermowelt.com Thermo Box Containers

Thermowelt.com food transport boxes are made of Expanded PolyPropylene
(= EPP, no styrofoam). They are very durable and extremely lightweight, hygienic, dishwasher-save and have an excellent insulation performance from -40 up to at 
+120 °C.

Our transportation and insulation boxes are especially made for a longer transport
of hot, cold and fresh food to keep products hot or cold.

Thermowelt.com insulated food transport boxes are very cost-effective with a long lifespan - in daily use they typically last over 5 years.

GN Lid 1/2 

with silicone seal,
for GN 1/2 Containers 
Thermobox heating system 1/1 GN, Carbonheater 230V

Set Thermobox
Dinnerbox +2 HOT

incl. dishes, lids and Hotpack
GN-Deckel 1/2 mit SilikondichtungThermobox-Heizung Carbon-heater 1-1 GN 230VDinnerbox +2 HOT

Thermobox Frontloader

1/1GN 65 lt.

for GN Containers

Thermobox Allround

60 x 40 cm, 300mm

for baking tins or trays
and stacking containers

Thermobox Frontloader

1/1GN ECO 69 L

for GN Containers
Thermobox Frontlader 65 literAllround 60 x 40 300mmThermobox Frontlader 77 Liter


Thermobox Pizza 

330 mm inside height

Thermobox 1/1 GN BASIC LINE

230 mm inside height

Thermobox Platter Box

für round menu plates 
Thermobox Gastronorm 1/1 217mm blau-grauThermobox 1/1 GN Basic Line 230mmThermobox Tellerbox

Thermobox Dinnerbox

for menu dishes and  - plates

Menu Dish rectangular,


made of hotel-porcelain

Thermobox 1/1 GN Gastronorm Deluxe ECO

215 mm inside height
Thermobox DinnerboxMenuteller rechteckig 3-geteiltThermobox Gastronorm Deluxe 215mm


Thermoboxes Frontloader GastronormThermoboxes GastronormThermoboxes Allround 60 x 40Thermoboxes PizzaThermoboxes CateringThermoboxes Catering SetsThermoboxes severalCool PacksCooling TopsHotplatesAccessoriesMenu Dishesp porcelainRound Bowls porcelainLilicone LidsGN ContainerGN LidsGN Lids with silicone seal